Transitional design and indoor/outdoor living have transformed what consumers want in a home, and sliding or folding glass walls are quickly becoming a staple in production homes. However, all glass doors can cause unwanted glares from the light, and many current shades on the market cover the entire wall.

NanaWall has introduced new panel shades for NanaWall sliding and folding glass products that are custom fitted to each glass panel and provide ultimate control of sun exposure and privacy, without losing the aesthetic of the glass walls. The NanaWall Shades system allows users to control the amount of light in a space and can be controlled from the top down, bottom up or in-between. The shades can also easily customize how much light each room gets by choosing transparent, semi-transparent, or room-darkening shade fabrics.

Shade colors come in a matte finish and include White Aluminum, Jet Black, Traffic White and Gray Brown, and the installation for aluminum glass walls doesn't require any tools.