Angelo Sarnacchiaro
Angelo Sarnacchiaro

The bathtub vs. shower debate has been going on for far longer than many think, the Columbus Dispatch reports. The debate dates back to at least 1834, when President Andrew Jackson remodeled the White House. Jackson opted for a shower, but the debate still rages on today.

The Columbus Dispatch finds that many in the Columbus, Ohio area are opting to replace baths and prefer showers in newly built bathrooms.

Elaborate showers—and no tub—are popular requests for bathroom remodeling jobs, said Monica Lewis, a master certified remodeler at J.S. Brown & Co. in Columbus.

"People are replacing '80s and '90s garden tubs they never use," she said. "They take up a lot of real estate, and so many clients tell me the only reason they crawl into that tub is to dust it."

The Columbus Dispatch reports that despite the higher price tags that are sometimes associated with showers, many renovators are opting to replace bathtubs in their homes. Showers also have energy and aging in place benefits, the newspaper reports.

According to the nonprofit GRACE Communications Foundation's "Water Footprint Calculator," a 10-minute shower with a low flow showerhead consumes about 25 gallons of water, while an average bath consumes 35 to 50 gallons.

Aging homeowners are among those opting to replace tubs with low- or no-curb walk-in showers that are easily accessible and, in some cases, can accommodate a wheelchair.

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