When building for buyers for whom money is no object, a home outfitted with every lovely thing is to be expected. But high-style products need not be confined to the highest tiers of the housing spectrum. For builders aiming at first-time buyers, a few well-placed items of beauty can help your design stand out among the crowd. In designs geared for right-sizing empty-nesters, well-appointed finishing touches can help your buyers feel confident that a shrunken floor plan doesn’t mean they’re downsizing on lifestyle or quality. And for builders targeting the first- or second-time move-up markets, a few artful choices can help entice on-the-fence buyers away from their existing homes.

Whatever your market, products that play up your homes’ designs offer an important contribution. Fortunately, some manufacturers have marked the housing market’s turn toward recovery with some show-stopping offerings. We looked back through this year’s archives and found some of our favorites—products well worth keeping in mind for next year’s designs and beyond. 

Claire Easley is a senior editor at Builder . This collection of products was compiled from items highlighted in Builder by products expert Nigel F. Maynard.

Learn more about markets featured in this article: Greenville, SC.

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