ToughBuilt has launched its first multitool offering with the Five-Blade Utility Knife, designed for versatility in a variety of applications, including construction, decoration, DIY projects, and industrial use.

Users can switch the multitool between two different modes, utility knife and scraper, with a patented switch mechanism that requires only the flick of a thumb. In utility knife mode, the knife can cut paper, cardboard, leather, drywall, and plastic sheeting, among other materials. Scraper mode can be used to remove paint, putty, or adhesive from surfaces, as well as remove labels from windows, mirrors, and tiles, among other applications.

The knife includes five blades, each one made from 58% aluminum and zinc alloy, 15% ABS, PP, and TPE, and 27% steel. The tool’s rapid load change system allows users to change blades without the need for additional tools. Additional features include a paint can opener and a carry loop.

The tool retails for $17.98.

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