The OxBlue Colbalt series on a mount.
OxBlue The OxBlue Colbalt series on a mount.

OxBlue, an Atlanta, Ga.-based firm and manufacturer, offers a series of time-lapse cameras specifically for recording and monitoring construction jobsites. The Indigo, Colbalt and Sapphire Series are available for purchase or rent, with OxBlue team services included in the monthly rental or available for an additional service fee.

The Indigo Series is a pan-tilt-zoom camera designed for indoor use, with video on demand as an optional feature. The Colbalt Series is an exterior pan-tilt-zoom camera, made to capture time-lapse video and still images, and the Sapphire Series provides both time-lapse capture and live video footage.

Each camera is solar-compatible, and includes an integrated cellular antenna to transmit information.

Users can view the OxBlue’s images or footage from any date or time through the OxBlue dashboard application on an internet enabled device, as well as pan and zoom, view weather data, and share content with others. All cameras may be monitored independently, without the need for additional hardware, software, or an internet connection, but may be integrated with a number of project management systems, including Procore, ProTrak, Tririga and Projectmates.

Each camera purchase includes a free, professionally-produced time lapse video of a given project by OxBlue’s in-house media team.