NoSweat’s newest line of disposable sweat-absorbing hat liners is made specifically for hard hat users, particularly construction and industrial workers.

The NoSweat liners will fit inside all brands and makes of hard hats and bump caps, and comply with major safety standards and requirements. Each one is backed with peel-and-stick adhesive, and installs on the insides of hard hats within seconds. The liner’s proprietary SweatLock technology absorbs and locks away moisture throughout the day, which works to prevent stains, odor, acne, fogging, and dripping sweat.

Depending on the person and the intensity of use, each liner is expected to last from one to two weeks. All NoSweat products are American-made; a pack of three liners is priced at $7.99, with a 12-pack priced at $19.99 and a 25-pack at $37.99.