The ZipWall Dust Barrier System now includes the MagStrip Dust Barrier Fastener, a series of magnetic strips designed to keep dust barriers tight between poles in drop-ceiling applications.

Each of the magnetic strips in the MagStrip system is designed to attach to the steel grid of a drop ceiling, and may be applied using a ZipWall pole and MagStrip applicator. The application process requires no ladders or tape, and leaves no damage behind on the surface it is applied to.

Compared to other dust barrier fastening systems, the MagStrip Dust Barrier Fastener offers an easy, safe, and time-saving installation process, according to the manufacturer. “Commercial contractors working with drop-ceilings often use zip ties, tape or similar makeshift solutions to keep a barrier tight between poles,” says Jeff Whittemore, founder and CEO of ZipWall. “That requires climbing up and down ladders, or using a manlift, which are time consuming and unsafe. With our new magnetic strips, the task takes seconds and workers never have to leave the ground.”

The MagStrips are sold in packages of four 26” magnetic strips, plus one applicator for use with ZipWall poles.

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