A roofer looses his footing and falls from his perch. His fall-arrest harness saves him from a deadly fall but in the process, his 1-pound hard hat plummets to the ground, endangering the entire worksite below.

It’s an accident that doesn’t need to happen, according to the makers of a new hard hat lanyard. The company's Gear Keeper TL1-5001 prevents needless injury and damage on site by keeping the hard hat attached to the worker. In addition, it retails for less than $8, making it a cost-effective must-have safety accessory.

Designed for use with all fall-protection harness systems, the lanyard has a 20-inch loop-mounted retention strap employing a spring clip that is designed to attach to fall-protection harness systems or clothing of the proper structure such as coveralls or a vest. The TL1-5001 is weight tested to safely retain commonly used industrial hard hats, says the firm.