Whether dad is a builder, or thinks he is one, here are some last-minute gift ideas you might not have thought of. These items combine utility, efficiency and intelligent design to make specific tasks more manageable. Or maybe not.

1. Drywall Stilts

Imagine dad tooling around the neighborhood on these. Great for guys who like to raise the bar. And also useful for chores that go beyond tape and mud, like picking low-hanging fruit or painting soffits.
From: Pentagon Tool
At: Home Depot
Price: $95.43

2. Five-Alarm Leather Tool Belt Suspenders

Face it. Nobody likes unsightly plumber's crack. Here's a nifty way to keep the scourge under control while helping support heavy tool belts.From: Duluth Trading Co.
At: duluthtrading.com
Price: $99.50

3. Bobcat

You know how dad hates cutting the lawn. With this little helper, he can simply remove it. Can be used as a golf cart. And it's a great way to get around the neighborhood. Added benefit: When you drive this thing down the street, people get out of the way.
From: Bobcat
At: Winchester Equipment Co., Northern Virginia
Price: Around $20,000, dealer quote necessary

4. Machete

When the awl, rasp and router just won't cut it, dad can just whip out this puppy. Guaranteed to cut anything. And it comes with sheath and lanyard. Also useful for harvesting sugar cane–and combating building materials pilferage.
From: Gerber
At: Zoro.com
Price: $31.63

5. Father's Best Friend

If the machete fails to deter jobsite scavengers, there's always a guard dog. You can rent them. The company drops them off at night and returns to pick them up and clean the area the next morning. Habitat for Humanity and several other home builders are listed as clients on this Dallas/Ft. Worth company's website.
From: Dog World Services
At: www.dogworldservices.com
Price: Negotiable

6. Solid Gold Plumb Bob, With Diamond

Okay, so this won't be of much use on the job site. But if dad's into jewelry, this is just the thing (well, maybe it would have been better for Mother's Day).From: Renee Ford Metals
At: reneefordmetals.com
Price: $569 – $574

7. Jobsite Kegerator

This frothy cousin of Gunga Din is sure to make dad a hit with both the crew and the subs. On second thought, maybe it would be best kept at home.
From: Tailgaterator
At: homebrewstuff.com
Price: $250

8. Visit From Mr. Plumbing Inspector

You know how dad loves to talk plumbing. Why not treat him to an expert? Simply call and schedule a visit from the local plumbing inspector, who will surely engage dad in stimulating conversation–and make for a Father's Day he'll never forget.
From: Advanced Plumbing and Heating Services, Moncton, N.B.
At: theadvancedplumber.ca