The DEWALT ExoCore Hammer.
DEWALT The DEWALT ExoCore Hammer.

DEWALT has introduced a new line of seven ExoCore Sledge Hammers and three ExoCore Axes, marking the manufacturer’s first foray into sledge hammer and axe production and distribution. All of the new ExoCore sledge hammers and axes feature carbon fiber composite handles, which provide durability, overstrike protection, and light tool weight.

The DEWALT ExoCore Sledge Hammer range is designed to meet a variety of applications, from metal to drywall to driving a punch or chisel. The hammers are available in 6-, 8-, and 12- pound models with a 32” handle, and a 4- pound model with a 12” handle. A 4-pound Blacksmith Sledge Hammer with a triangular head is also available. Each hammer features an efficient strike face and a carbon fiber composite overlay to mitigate damage to the tool.

The ExoCore Axe range includes a 20 oz. camper’s hatchet with a 12” handle, a 3.5 single bit splitter with a 32” handle, and a 4.5 pound log splitter with a 32” axes. All of the axes feature a scalloped cutting edge, designed to ensure a deep cut and improved separation.

The tools will retail for $29.99-$54.97 MSRP, and each tool will include a lifetime limited warranty.

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