Knaack Compact DataVault Mobile

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This new kiosk-style DataVault model keeps shared digital plans secure and within easy access for trades on busy jobsites.

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Shared project management software helps keep trades on task and coordinated on large projects. Now Knaack has a specialized kiosk to bring that software securely onsite for easy access. The DataVault Mobile (model 118-M) includes a 32-inch touchscreen monitor to view plans and specs, as well as a large storage locker that can fit a five-gallon bucket of tools. Heavy-duty independent locking drawers give quick access to frequently used tools and accessories, as well as additional tech components.

Because of its positioning as a onsite project management kiosk, the DataVault helps keep crews productive and efficient. Firms using BIM software will be able to access project updates in real time whether those updates come from on site or back at the office. “Bringing technology to the field safely and efficiently was one of our primary goals in introducing the DataVault,” says Knaack senior project manager Mike Bykowski. “Providing up-to-date project information within feet of where the actual work is being done allows customers to maximize the ROI of their technology investments.”

The DataVault mobile is constructed from 16-gauge steel and features a patented dual Watchman IV independent locking design for secure storage. The compact unit fits through a standard 28-inch-wide door frame and ships with wheel casters and four-way skid access so, if necessary, it can be moved and place with a forklift from all sides.

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