Bosch Power Tools is expanding its recently launched PROFACTOR lineup with two new cordless saw products—the Strong Arm right circular and the Surgeon miter saws, both powered on Bosch Power Tools’ CORE18V battery platform.

The GKS18V-25C and GC 18V Strong Arm connected-ready 7.25-inch blade right circular saws offer a 2.5-inch cut capacity, designed to cut through two times the material across the entire 50-degree bevel range. The saws can make over 450 2x4 cuts on one charge of a CORE18V 8.0ah battery.

The GKS18V-25C is the “feature-rich” model, offering track compatibility, one-handed depth adjustment, a user interface to adjust speed settings, an eco mode that increases battery run time by up to 30%, and Wi-Fi connectivity through the Bosch Toolbox App via the optional Bosch Connected Tool Module. The GKS18V-25CN is the performance model, offering the same power and run time without additional features.

The 18V Surgeon 12-inch dual-bevel glide miter saw features a tall fence design that supports cuts on taller materials, and features a 3.5-inch depth and 13.5-inch crosscut. It is compatible with a variety of 12-inch blades, and it features an eco mode for up to 20% extended run time as well as Wi-Fi connectivity through the Bosch Connected Tool Module.

As part of the PROFACTOR line, both tools run on Bosch Power Tools’ BITURBO brushless motor.

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