As the trend for micro units gains momentum, so does the need to organize the space. Units as small as 200 square feet can lead owners to an organizational challenge or to cramming things into the unit in a way that screams "fire hazard."

Nils Holger Moormann, the German-based designer behind this tricked-out Volkswagen van-cum-mobile-home, has designed another small-space solution, this time an all-in-one furniture cube for people living in micro apartments.

Called Kammerspiel, the wooden unit is a “room-within-a-room” that incorporates many elements of a traditional apartment into a compact space in order to open up the rest of the home.

A bed, reading nook, and kitchen storage with foldable counter, bike hanging rack, and shelves are relegated to the outside of the cube, while a walk-in closet and additional storage are found inside. A built-in staircase that doubles as drawers leads to the lofted sleeping area at the top of the box.

The unit is modular, and can be reconfigured for different needs. Moormann designed it with writers, athletes, home office workers, and the “fashion conscious” in mind. Take a look below. Kammerspiel would also work well as a stand-alone room—provided it was placed in a spot protected from the elements.

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