Among the mainstays of the market's newest lighting system products are energy-efficient LED illumination, smart control devices and functions, and sleek, modern design aesthetics for overhead lights, sconces, and under-counter pieces alike. These products - six fixtures and one smart dimmer - show off the wide range of lighting trends and choices available to builders, from practical fixtures to architectural showpieces:

Federal Brace

The Eco-Lucent LED Lighting System is designed as a complete hardwire solution for LED accents across the home, including undercounter, undercabinet, and kitchen, bath, and office accent lighting. Each light bar is installed in extruded aluminum housing and a frosted cover, and provides 116 lumens of output at a warm white 3000K color temperature. Each bar comes assembled and ready for installation, with mounting clips included.

Hardware Resources

The Task Power Angled Power Strip and Lighted Power Strip are designed to provide power outlets in fixed out-of-sight locations, including under cabinets or countertops. All are available in a variety of finishes, lengths, and configurations of power outlets, including USB ports on some models. The Lighted Power Strips are available with either an internal or external power supply, and in color temperatures ranging from 2700K to 5000K. Each one includes mounting hardware required for installation.

Modern Forms

The Fathom LED Indoor/Outdoor Wall Sconce is designed to evoke the depths of the ocean, with a heavily textured, hard-cast glass ocean wave design laid into a black hardware box. The glass feature is lighted by LEDs at the top and bottom of the full fixture. The sconce does not require a transformer or driver, and is compatible with an ELV (electronic low voltage) dimmer. It has a high 90 CRI (color rating index), and its LEDs have rated life of 50,000 hours.

The Calla light by SONNEMAN – A Way of Light, shown here in a Satin Black finish.
Courtesy SONNEMAN - A Way of Light The Calla light by SONNEMAN – A Way of Light, shown here in a Satin Black finish.


The Calla wall sconce provides a soft LED glow filtered through two translucent, petal-like shades, inspired by the look and shape of calla lilies. According to the manufacturer, Calla is designed to add an organic element to the harsh lines of modern interior design. The light is available in a satin white or satin black finish, and measures 19.25 inches high by 5.5 inches wide, with its lower stalk extending 6.5 inches from its mount. It is rated for use in damp locations.


The RAY Sconce Collection includes minimalist wood-clad wall fixtures that consist of a single strip of light on a single strip of wood. The fixture’s hardware component allows for it to be installed horizontally or vertically, with the lighted section facing in any direction, including against the wall. The wood components are available in sustainably sourced maple, walnut and ebonized oak, as well as reclaimed heart pine and water tower redwood.

WAC Lighting

The newest addition to the dweLED collection is the Corso LED ceiling mount, which consists of a ring-shaped metal shade lit from the inside by a halo of LED luminaries behind a frosted acrylic diffuser cover. The Corso’s LEDs deliver up to 728 lumens in an even illumination spread, powered by a 120V-220V-277V universal driver. It is Title 24 rated, and dimmable with an ELV or 0-10V dimmer. The fixture is available in 18- and 23-inch models, with a brushed aluminum finish.

The Lutron Aurora Smart Bulb Dimmer.
Lutron The Lutron Aurora Smart Bulb Dimmer.


The Aurora Smart Bulb Dimmer is a wireless, battery-powered local control knob for Signify’s Phillips Hue smart lighting system. The dimmer mounting base “locks” the existing switch in the on/up position, and the round knob dimmer snaps over the base. This prevents the toggle switch from being accidentally turned off, which would disable Phillips Hue control from any smart control system. The dimmer works with the Phillips Hue control system via Zigbee technology, which will remain operational even in Wi-Fi outages.

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