Dan DeVol

Schlage Lock Co. Daniel DeVol Custom Builder, Dayton, Ohio

The architectural pavers in Hanson Hardscapes' StoneTile line give outdoor living aficionados “a great surface to spend time on,” says Dan DeVol, owner of Daniel DeVol Custom Builder. Their larger sizes also make for speedier installations, he adds. DeVol especially likes Tuscanni, an irregularly surfaced design available in three colors.

Control4 Corp. He's also a big fan of Control4's home automation products because they integrate with “a lot of different systems”—including the HVAC equipment he uses—and they allow users to log in remotely. “The price point is very good compared to other systems,” he explains. “You can be very simple with it, or you can get very integrated.”

Another product favorite can help families monitor who is in the house. “Say you have children,” DeVol says. With Schlage LiNK, the kids “can key themselves into your house, and it'll text your BlackBerry to let you know they're home.”—Victoria Markovitz

Hanson Hardscapes. 800.265.6496. www.hansonhardscapes.com. /Control4 Corp. 801.523.3100. www.control4.com. / Schlage Lock Co. 800.847.1864. www.schlage.com.

Phil Kean

Doug Mockett & Co. ke Phil Kean Designs, Winter Park, Fla.

Winter Park, Fla., designer/ builder Phil Kean likes the way Mockett's disappearing electrical outlets look and function. The covered outlets can be installed in a 3-inch cavity in a table or counter surface so they're hidden from view when not in use.

Kean says builders might need to have the Mockett outlets approved by their local building department before installation, but he thinks they're worth the extra step. “It's an awesome product,” he adds.

The devices come in a variety of technical configurations, finishes, and mounting positions.—Meghan Drueding

Doug Mockett & Co. 800.523.1269. www.mockett.com.

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