Although home buyers will pay a premium for indoor/outdoor features, many don’t use those features as much as they’d like.

A recent study commissioned by manufacturer NuTone found that Americans spend about 10 hours a week in their yards during the summer, but they would spend up to 18 if it weren’t for mosquitoes. Despite the increase in outdoor living products, homeowners say the biting bugs ultimately prevent them from using their outdoor living spaces to the fullest, especially given heightened concerns over mosquito-borne diseases such as the West Nile and zika viruses.

The company recently introduced a backyard lighting and mosquito repellent system that eliminates the need for sprays, traps, candles, and torches by providing effective season-long mosquito protection. With the flip of a switch or the automatic optimal time/control, the Haven system delivers an odorless, silent and invisible vapor to repel mosquitoes.

"Homeowners put a great deal of time and effort into making their backyards enjoyable and relaxing places to spend time. So, it's no surprise that they will also go to great lengths to protect themselves against annoyances like mosquitoes," says Richard Palmersheim, group vice president for marketing.

The system’s patented mosquito protection technology is powered by low-voltage electricity that heats a mosquito repellent cartridge. The cartridge produces an odorless, invisible, and silent mosquito repellent vapor. Each fixture repels mosquitoes within a 110-square-foot area, and four fixtures provide enough coverage for the average deck or patio. The firm claims its testing found that the system repels up to 92% of mosquitoes.

Haven fixtures are available in two options: the light and repellent fixtures feature LED landscape lighting while the standard repellent fixtures provide the same protection for areas where lighting is not needed or already in place. Black and bronze finishes and deck-mounting flanges allow homeowners to further customize the system to fit their own needs and unique aesthetics.

In addition, an optional timer/control allows programming of two circuits (repellent and lighting) for automatic operation triggered by time of day or by solar sensor, furthering the system's ease of use. The suggested retail price for the products is $149 for the light and repellent fixture and $129 for the repellent fixture.

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