With a growing list of brands including USP Structural Connectors, Hardy Frame Shear Wall Systems, and the Z4 Tie-Down System, MiTek Industries today announced the creation of its Builder Products Division for residential and commercial construction. As a developer of software tools for structural design product specification and manufacturing, the division will also encompass the company's design software solutions for decks and structural connectors for its USP brand.

Additionally, materials dealers will be interested in Sapphire Supply offered through the MiTek Builder Products Division. Sapphire Supply is an estimating and design module within the Sapphire software suite, and is compatible with the Sapphire Viewer. Together, the tools allow suppliers and builders to collaborate in the design and optimization of wood structural framing.

With the launch of the MiTek Builder Products division, the company says it will continue to invest in the expansion of its software, manufacturing, customer services, product support, and education efforts, all of which integrates the division’s products to streamline the building process and optimize structures for builders.

“We will continue to focus on our component manufacturing and building supply customers to equip them with the tools that consistently make them the suppliers of choice among builders,” said Tom Manenti, Chairman and CEO of MiTek. ”To that end, the new MiTek Builder Products division is a natural fit. It allows us to further our customers’ desire to build safe, optimized, code-compliant wood structures at the lowest possible cost.”

For more information, visit mitekbuilderproducts.com

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