Spain-based sintered stone manufacturer Neolith and Holland-based PITT cooking, a manufacturer of countertop-integrated gas burners, have entered a sales partnership focused on promoting the integration of their products in a campaign focused on the South African market.

Each of the company’s sales teams will promote both products as complementary accessories. Key components include showcasing the quality of the countertops and burners – known as cooking hobs in the South African materials – as well as the aesthetic appeal of integrating PITT burners into Neolith surfaces.

PITT cooking’s integrated cooktops are available in arrangements of up to six burners on one surface. The small burners operate at a maximum of 6,000 BTU, the large burners at 10,000 BTU, and the simmer/wok burners range from a minimum of 750 BTU to a maximum of 17,000 BTU.

Each burner is made from heavy brass, and features automatic spark ignition, flame protection, and cast iron pan supports. Their design provides minimal transfer of heat, and may be built into a variety of countertop materials, including composite, granite, concrete, terrazzo, glass, ceramic, solid surface and stainless steel.

Neolith sintered stone is made from a mix of granite and glass minerals, which are subjected to extremely high pressures and then fired at extremely high temperatures. The resulting surface is highly durable, and resists bending, scratching, and extreme temperatures, including high heat.

“Neolith and PITT cooking have a longstanding business relationship. We’re two companies with the same mindset, and a passion for offering home cooks and professional chefs the perfect balance between design and practicality,” says Maikel Bink, managing director of PITT cooking. “Our two brands are constantly focused on offering the best quality products and service. We share a vision to deliver the ideal user experience, and for me this value offers a solid base for a sustainable, long term partnership.”

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