An outdoor kitchen concept by Napoleon Fireplaces.
Napoleon An outdoor kitchen concept by Napoleon Fireplaces.

Alongside its array of fireplace and outdoor grilling options, Napoleon has applied its product and environment design expertise to create a series of design concepts for screened, transitional, and detached outdoor living spaces.

The Inspiration section is guided by third-party research into the connections home owners develop with different areas of their homes, and how those spaces can have a direct impact on emotions.

“The research shows the most loved areas of the home combine relaxation, socialization and functionality,” says Stephen Schroeter, senior vice-president of sales and marketing for Napoleon. “Outdoor spaces provide a great opportunity to accommodate all three, yet they are still vastly underutilized by most homeowners.”

To create the “outdoor oasis of one’s dreams”, Napoleon recommends the following:

Add an Outdoor Kitchen. Outdoor kitchens don’t just meet the “basic need” for food – they also connect the cooking process (and the cook) with the social gatherings they serve. Napoleon recommends the OASIS Outdoor Kitchen series of cooking and storage solutions, with a compatible Presige PRO series grill as the centerpiece. Other considerations include refrigerators, pizza ovens, or outdoor sinks, depending on personal taste.

Establish a Gathering Place. Napoleon recommends creating a central location with an abundance of seating options. A fireplace or fire pit can provide a focal point for this space, and enable its use later into the season.

Create Privacy. Large plants or trees, a pergola, or privacy panels can create the feel of a secluded getaway within an otherwise open space.

Design for All the Senses. Consider every aspect of a guest or home owner’s experience in the outdoor space. Speakers and water features can establish mood and eliminate street noise, while fragrant bushes can provide a sweet scent.

Add Accents. Outdoor living areas are ideal for bold colors, adventurous designs, and other personal touches.

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