Jeld-Wen F-2500 Folding Patio Door System
Jeld-Wen F-2500 Folding Patio Door System

Jeld-Wen is rolling out several solutions this year, which were showcased at the 2019 International Builders’ Show (IBS) in Las Vegas, last month. The new products include windows designed for faster installations, a paint-replacement solution, a folding patio door system, and a large panoramic gliding patio door offering for the luxury market.

The systems aim to address the needs of dealers, builders, and homeowners. “We want customers…to want to buy from us because our products are innovative. They’re great solutions for the work that they’re doing. [They’re] easy to install, easy to buy, [and] the experience is great,” said Gary Michel, Jeld-Wen’s president and CEO, during a press event at IBS 2019.

Siteline Pocket and Sash Pack
At IBS, Jeld-Wen introduced its Siteline Pocket and Sash Pack product suite for replacement, remodeling, and new construction projects. The product suite is designed to facilitate the installation of wood replacement windows and to help provide a clean, finished look when completed. The series includes double-hung pocket, casement pocket, and sash pack windows and can be used to replace comparable wood window product, according to the company.

“A lot of wood windows companies have this, [but] what sets us apart from others is our concealed jamb liner look. The other aspect of this is…we have it predrilled for install…now you don’t have to putty, you don’t have to really paint it. So you’re saving time and money for the contractor, in general. That’s why we did it, to make a nice easy, clean look,” said Blake Humpal, channel marketing manager at Jeld-Wen, during IBS 2019.

The Siteline Pocket and Sash Pack is currently available for Jeld-Wen dealers and comes in the same colors and finishes as the original Siteline collection, including AuraLast pine.

FiniShield Exterior Color Solution
Also, at IBS, Jeld-Wen made its FiniShield paint-replacement, laminated-color solution available for vinyl windows and patio doors. The exterior-finish technology delivers improved energy control and durability and an enhanced, more consistent appearance, according to the company.

“We’re using this technology to replace paint as our color option…because there are so many benefits along the whole food chain of delivery to the end consumer,” said Cliff Birch, director of vinyl and aluminum products at Jeld-Wen, during a booth presentation at IBS 2019.

The exterior color solution is available nationwide on select products and will be an option for all vinyl window and patio door products this month.

“The benefits, from a dealer’s perspective, when they receive shipments it’s less likely to have been damaged in transit with scratches and things bumping against each other on the trucks as they’re moving it,” Birch said.

One of the benefits for builders, Birch stated, is the solution is easy to clean. “Excess paint, mastic, we’ve even had stucco and mortar that will clean right off of them,” he stated. Additionally, he stated builders don’t have to spend extra time painting or doing touch-up work.

Jeld-Wen maintains that homeowners will appreciate the product’s long life, thanks to its ability to prevent fading, oxidation, and color change. “Heat gain is a big deal as you start to use darker color windows,” Birch stated, adding that the solution offers a composite film that includes a "metalized center layer" that reflects energy.

FiniShield is currently available in black and bronze, which complement the company’s current cladding colors, Birch said. “Some folks want to do wood windows on the front of the house and vinyl on the side, this gives them an option so they can all match,” he stated.

Additional color options will be available at a later date. The upcharge range for the FiniShield solution is expected to be in the 25% to 30% range, Birch stated.

F-2500 Folding Patio Door System
Next month, Jeld-Wen plans to release its F-2500 folding patio door system. The two-panel fiberglass door system (which measures 6 feet by 6 feet, 8 inches) is designed to “bring the outdoors in,” according to the company, by joining indoor and outdoor living spaces into a combined, free-flowing living space when opened and provide outdoor visibility when closed.

Designed for the luxury market, the two-panel door system offers an aluminum clad frame and a bottom-mounted hardware track that can be used to replace a standard patio double door and for new construction.

“It’s the only known fiberglass folding wall system designed and priced for a mass-market audience,” said Daniel Castillo, senior vice president for Doors at the company, in a prepared statement.

The product, which is shown here in black, comes primed white as a stock option. Finishing options will be available later in the year. It will be available at Home Depot stores in April and is expected to have a retail price of $1,999. Casing is sold separately.

The double door system currently only has one offering of DP35 glass, said Dillon Thilo, product manager at Jeld-Wen. The company is expecting to eventually make the folding door system in different sizes. He also added that Jeld-Wen is also considering whether or not to ship the product with blinds between the glass.

Siteline Panoramic Gliding Patio Door
At IBS 2019, Jeld-Wen also offered a sneak peak of its Siteline Panoramic Gliding Patio Door, a 7-foot-wide by 10-foot-tall wall system, which will be available in Q3 this year through Jeld-Wen dealers.

“Jeld-Wen’s patented door operation technology bridges the gap between standard patio doors and wall systems with respect to size, operation, performance and price. Larger patio door systems are traditionally reserved for luxury homes, while this new offering will make them more accessible to different markets,” according to the company.

“Homeowners in the upper end of the ‘move-up segment’ and entry-level buyers in the ‘luxury segment’ desire a sliding patio door product with sizing, operating force and performance ratings that exceed the capabilities of a traditional sliding patio door, but at a price lower than entry level wall systems,” said Peter Smith, Jeld-Wen senior vice president for Windows, in a prepared statement. “Jeld-Wen will be the first to accomplish this by introducing the exclusive Siteline Panoramic Gliding Patio Door.”

The system is built with a knock-down frame to facilitate shipping and installation. It also features Jeld-Wen’s AuraLast wood protection technology, which protects the system from wood rot, water damage, and termites.

The price point of the Panoramic Gliding Patio Door is expected to be somewhere between the price of a standard patio door and available wall systems.

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