The Panasonic WhisperFresh Select by Panasonic Eco Solutions North America.
Panasonic Eco Solutions The Panasonic WhisperFresh Select by Panasonic Eco Solutions North America.

Panasonic Eco Solutions’ newest ventilation fan, the WhisperFresh Select, is designed to help builders, contractors, and remodelers meet the ventilation requirements necessary for tightly-built homes. It can be used to comply with a number of green building standards, including LEED, ASHRAE 62.2, and California’s Title 24, and is listed as 2018 Energy Star Most Efficient.

The WhisperFresh Select integrates with both central HVAC and ductless systems, and may be used as a standalone whole-home filtered air supply solution or paired with Panasonic’s multi-speed central fans. The units’s ECM motor with SmartFlow Technology is designed to ensure optimal CFM output for its environment, and the Pick-A-Flow Air Selector allows the builders and contractors to manually adjust the unit’s airflow settings between 50 CFM and 150 CFM. It is certified for use with either a MERV 8 or MERV 13 anti-allergen filter.

“Panasonic is constantly improving on our Indoor Air Quality solutions, developing products that are easier to install and customize,” says Patricia Monks, national marketing manager, Panasonic Eco Solutions North America. “WhisperFresh Select’s precision ventilation helps builders and contractors design beyond code and create healthier living environments for customers across all climate zones.”

An optional humidity setting and temperature setting allows users and installers to set a maximum operating humidity or minimum operating temperature for their unit. The fan will automatically turn off (or not turn on) if the outside relative humidity is higher than the setting on the dial (30% to 80%), or if the outside temperature is lower than the setting on the dial (15°F to 40°F). The fan will also turn off if the incoming air is hotter than 95ºF.