InOvate Dryer Products has introduced a redesigned edition of its DryerWallVent, equipped with new features and manufacturing processes designed to improve its durability, reliability, and resistance to the elements.

The “next generation” DryerWallVent is made from heavy-gauge galvanized steel, available in three powder coat colors – brown, tan, and white – designed to blend into a home’s exterior. The large opening and lightweight damper are designed to stand up to the wear and tear of dryer vent operation, as well as deter bird and rodent intrusion. The new edition’s upgrades include:

  • A deep drawn manufacturing process, which provides seamless construction, a solid housing fit and protection against the elements.
  • Integrated magnets, which offer security, smoother closing, and additional elements protection.
  • A built-in drip edge.
  • An integrated secondary backing plate, which serves as a mounting bracket for difficult installations. The bottom flange screws allow the housing to be separated, which exposes extra space for fasteners.
  • The damper now recesses at an angle, allowing gravity to assist in the close.

“Reaching for change and finding ways to improve products for customers has been critical to InOvate success,” says Todd Peach, vice president of marketing for InOvate Dryer Products. “Perfection is a lofty goal. Builders who add the DryerWallVent to their homes should know they have a whole team behind them working tirelessly toward that goal.”

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