Fantech introduced the EC-10V controller, designed to be compatible with the company’s full line of ECM (electronically commutated motor) in-line duct fans. The controller features an integrated linear outline to allow for easy, precise dimming operation, and a soft-touch knob for a “pleasing grip,” according to Fantech.

With the EC-10V, users can choose a desired fan speed, from 0% to 100%, for optimal energy efficiency.

“The capabilities and the use range of the EC-10V is what makes it so appealing,” says Brandon Svitak, engineering manager for Fantech. “We have taken a simple control switch and updated it to be aesthetically pleasing in a modern home. The flexibility transcends to our hood linear version as well, which can be integrated in a variety of range hoods, such as Winflo, Itch, Kobe, and Zephyr.”

The EC-10V controller fits in a standard single-gang box, with an input voltage of 10V and a control range of 0-10V. The controller weighs 2 ounces, features simple screw terminal wiring, and can be used with standard-issue decor plates to match design preferences.

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