InOvate Dryer Products has redesigned two Dryerbox models, 425 and 350, to feature square edges instead of rounded edges.

The original edges on the Dryerbox 425 and 350 models were designed to simplify installation by using a zip tool to knock out drywall for installation. However, research and input from drywall professionals led the manufacturer to conclude that square cuts were easier, faster, and more precise for installers.

“It’s all about listening to your customers and answering their needs,” says Todd Peach, vice president of marketing at InOvate Dryer Products. “Installers and contractors love their square edges, and we listened. Changing the configuration on these two models is an easy upgrade, and we’re excited to see the reaction!”

All other specifications of the Dryerbox remain the same, including its paintability and protruding flange past the drywall.

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