BIM has long been a trending technology that is tremendously difficult to adopt. The benefits of the technology have been pushing many to take on the transition and in the mean time, the technology is advancing and picking up more benefits. BIM now has a fourth and fifth dimension, to communicate cost and schedule changes on demand.

5D BIM is the real-time display of fully valued parametric building components within a virtual model. It allows experienced users to create models that demonstrate how changes to materials, layouts, square footage and other design elements not only affect the appearance of a facility, but also the cost and schedule of construction (dimensions four and five). It’s a type of Macro BIM, which is a technology that allows estimators to model facilities at the earliest stages of design.

5D Macro BIM marries the artistic form of design with the strategic function of a building’s architecture, and increases transparency in the process. With 5D Macro BIM, anything you can dream up can easily be modeled and examined — creative design concepts, clever exterior finishes, innovative layouts, uniquely shaped and aligned departments and floors in varying sizes. And costs are clearly pegged to materials, labor or soft costs.

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