When you talk about technology advances, virtual reality definitely has a place in the discussion. With any new technology, it is experiencing some growing pains - developing a homogenous platform so that development can be more rapid and shared between competitors, plus hitting the volume to make it affordable while making a profit. Despite the challenges, there are many things that virtual reality has going for it that may lead to faster acceptance than anticipated.

The first reviews for the Oculus Rift are coming in, and in general they are quite positive. They mention how the immersive nature of VR provides an experience that just cannot be achieved with other types of entertainment, making you feel like you are really in the middle of it.

Fortunately, all of these systems have the support of multi-billion dollar companies behind them, and so don’t necessarily need to be profitable from day 1 in order to survive.

One thing which has been surprising when looking at the games being developed with VR in mind is how few system-exclusive titles there are. These are games which are only available on one type of console or VR system (such as the Halo franchise only being available on Microsoft Xbox machines, or Gran Turismoonly being available on Playstation).

Much like the rest of the game industry, most of the VR games under development are what is known as cross-platform. So if a game is coming out on Oculus, it is likely also going to be available for HTC Vive.

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