Predictions around the future use of technology can shape housing leaders's thinking and strategy to integrate into the next version of product. Here, a tech expert shares ideas on what 2020 is going to offer.

As a driver of technical innovation for a software company, a huge part of my job depends on forecasting how current tech trends will play out, merge, dissipate or expand. Here are some of my predictions of what the world will look like in 2020.

1. Revised notions of ownership
2. "Mind Power"
3. Connected, but simple
4. "Glocal"
5. Virtual reality is reality

Between new definitions of “yours” and “mine,” new ways to control our devices, new mechanisms for streamlining IoT, new requirements for being local and global and new advancements in virtual reality, we’ve got lots of change coming. There’s no doubt about it — 2020 will be an exciting time.

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