You can no longer think about housing without thinking about technology - even to the point that housing is a "smart" product. This new angle puts housing providers in a situation to constantly evaluate the latest products.

How should housing providers think about technology and then make decisions on who to partner with? And how can housing also keep an eye on the disrupters that don't have the brand name or proven track record?

The push for perfection when it comes to technology often throws up rivalries and debates – with competing companies and technologies battling to be the best. Being seen and known as a market leader is important. It confirms you as the go-to choice and can cause your rivals to fall in line behind you – and it’s why winning the race can be lucrative.

There have been many great technology debates and rivalries over the years and these offer up lessons into what makes for a success or, at the very least, what helps companies to avoid defeat.

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