Integrating technology into a home isn't simple. Where it may be easy to add a system to a pre-existing house, it's much more difficult to identify systems that work together from a hardware and software perspective, and that provide the overall convenience and functionality that a home owner wants. This added to the need to have a seamless and effective sales process, makes for a challenge, but one that may put new homes ahead of resale.

For US residential property developer and homebuilder KB Home, the biggest threat to business isn't other builders. It's resale. "We're always differentiating against or compared to resale homes," said Jacob Atalla, KB's vice president of sustainability. "And this adds one additional layer of differentiation."

By "this," Atalla is referring to technology, specifically a partnership with Apple's iOS smart home platform, HomeKit. KB is one of a small list of builders along with Lennar and Brookfield Residential to include smart home products as part of the home design process. Want smart window shades? You pick the style and KB will handle the install for you -- before you move in.

Touring KB's gorgeous $1 million model home in San Jose, California, it's easy to fall in love with the idea. But how much do homebuyers really care about smart technology? And what if you aren't an iPhone user?

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