Sourcing product these days may feel like a difficult formula of determining what technology can be integrated into the home in a user friendly way, what can be profitable, what is unique to the company's brand, along with determining what will not be obsolete in a year's time.

Just like VCRs or BluRay players, all technologies have their moment in time. What's in store for 2017?

Of all the tech industry's current obsessions, smart homes might have the biggest gap between fantasy and reality. We've been dreaming of a home that runs itself—restocking supplies, maximizing energy efficiency, and even performing some chores—but for the most part we got glorified remote controls for appliances instead.

Even if a true smart home is further off, we'll get that much closer in 2017. Here's what to expect next year—and what will remain elusive:
• They'll finally understand context
• They'll have AI everywhere
• They won't set up themselves
• They won't do much manual labor
• They'll shop for you, within reason
• They'll delight you in less essential ways

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