We are approaching an era in which we have built tools that use their intelligence to work with us instead of just working for us. This new, more collaborative approach with data and intelligence will offer new opportunities in the fields of design and construction.

Tatjana Dzambazova, AI strategist at Autodesk, sets out her vision for how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) will impact the sector.

What jobs/tasks to do with design and construction do you think AI/automation will impact?

The spectrum of impact of AI and machine learning (ML) on design and construction is vast: it can range from incremental productivity improvements via automation of repetitive or laborious tasks to new paradigms for design, engineering, and construction.

The common thread between various types of new tools is that they will be data driven, they will be task and context aware and will translate the raw data into invaluable insights.

We see this journey as a transformation of our relationship with the tools we use from one that is directive – where we, the users, give the tools explicit instructions based on calculations and recipes – to being collaborative and symbiotic.

So, in the world of construction, ML-powered tools can offer new, more reliable, precise and faster ways to do field assessment, project cost, forecast demands, assess delays, determine if scheduling is realistic, do real-time risk prediction, assess subcontractor performance, plan better, and even move towards robotic construction.

Construction companies and subcontractors in the future can plan, predict and execute their jobs better and faster, and construction sites of the future will be less risky and less dangerous – they will be location aware, data aware, predictable and connected at all times.

What about design and engineering?

Given the ever-stricter regulations, performance expectations and growing global opportunities and challenges, data is increasingly driving our design decisions.

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