How does information flow and access to wireless influence design? In the attempt to future proof housing, builders and developers constantly work on designs that can adapt to the steady evolution of technology. Here, WIFI even is being replaced by a system up to 100 times faster, which has the potential to reshape design, in addition to cut costs.

We have all heard of WIFI, the wireless method of transferring data that has revolutionised the way we work, watch TV and play games, but what is LIFI?

Billed as the super-fast, secure and energy efficient successor to WIFI, LIFI uses light to transmit data wirelessly at speeds up to 100 times faster than WIFI. Invented by Harald Haas, professor of mobile communications at the University of Edinburgh, LIFI transmits data over the visible light spectrum, rather than the radio waves that are currently used by WIFI.

As this spectrum is 10,000 times larger, LIFI is not only faster but also has the potential to transfer much larger volumes of data. As radio bandwidths become cluttered with ever increasing amount of data being transferred, this capacity could become vital.

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