Smart home management has been dominated by a few players for the last year. Now, others are ramping up with competitive solutions. A new partnership between Mercedes-Benz and Vivint offers very similar features at a close price point.

Mercedes-Benz is presenting itself as a serious player in the business of solar power and batteries. The luxury car manufacturer recently partnered up with Vivint Solar to provide an all-in-one, turn-key solution for smart solar energy. Mercedes will provide the smart home battery, and Vivint Solar will provide solar-panel installation as part of the partnership.

Vivint Solar also announced a collaboration with Vivint Smart Home earlier this year. It will enable the company to use smart devices, Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence to manage energy loads, charging cycles, and maintenance scheduling of the system automatically. A smart home experience is also on the cards as a part of the deal.

The Smart Home Battery That Consumers Want

At-home batteries are an essential purchase for anyone wanting to convert their home to solar power. Batteries store the electricity generated by solar panels that can be used during night or peak grid hours. Consumers fancy a single service provider to cater all of their needs; they don’t want to procure material from different vendors and then hire a contractor for installation. Tesla took the lead, and Mercedes followed it in the current solar industry’s progression.

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