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Korean company KeyWe has launched what it's calling the "smartest lock ever" on Kickstarter, reports New Atlas contributor Loz Blain.

The KeyWe replaces your current door lock with a smart, battery powered unit that gives you a huge range of different and secure ways to open your door. The lock can be opened with Bluetooth which detects your phone using a low-powered signal and unlocks the door when you walk up, then locks it again behind you for full keyless entry.

You can also turn off the Bluetooh and just click a button on an app - a process that works over Wi-Fi too if you buy the Wi-Fi bridge add-on, so you can unlock the door remotely. Or you can hook it up to your phone's NFC chip and tap to enter - in fact the team provides a blank NFC key card you can use in the same way. The lock also features a manual numeric keypad.

Right now on Kickstarter, they're US$139 apiece or two for US$198, with an extra US$50 if you want the Wi-Fi bridge add-on. Final retail will be US$199 each. It's already reached its funding goals, and orders are expected to start shipping in August.

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