A smart home built in a factory? Sounds like the 21st century is finally here. Curbed reports:

Welcome to season two of Home of the Future, a six-part video series co-produced by Curbed and The Verge that chronicles the buildout of a prefab home in Austin, Texas—designed with cutting-edge technology, sustainability, and innovation in mind. The journey begins this week inside a prefab factory. Stay tuned for new video episodes on our Facebook page.

With key advantages like higher quality control and faster build time, prefab construction helped solve the postwar American housing crisis and is responsible for some of the most inventive modern homes today. So when Curbed and the Verge set out to build our Home of the Future, we knew we had to go prefab. But what exactly does that entail?

On this first episode, we’ll visit Austin-based prefab builder Evolution Building Systems, whose 265,000-square-foot factory is essentially a giant assembly line for houses. The company produces roughly 50 houses a year this way, spending just one third of the time it takes to build a house on-site. Factory construction also shields the house from extended exposure to the elements, which allows better materials to be used.

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