New technology has an increasing focus on sustainable solutions, which is critical as our homes continue to consume more and more energy - even 37 percent more than they did in 1980. With new and innovative products, we are able to decrease energy consumption even as we increase the size of our homes and the number of devices we own.

The industry is seeing more and more collaborative efforts to drive innovation forward, including partnerships between suppliers and innovation labs. This list of eight products highlights how these collaborative efforts can drive forward new technologies that are changing home automation and energy use.

The list includes a carbon-fighting clothes driver that is a development of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and General Electric, and advanced window controls that was a breakthrough of a partnership between Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Pella Windows.

Thanks to breakthroughs by our National Labs, industry and academia, equipment we use in our homes is more energy efficient than ever before, saving consumers money and slashing carbon pollution. Let’s take a look at a few technologies we can expect to see in the marketplace within the next few years that will make our homes even more sustainable.

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