Far West Industries of Santa Ana, Calif. knows a thing or two about attracting home buyers.

The family-owned and operated home builder navigates a daily gauntlet of large and small competitors, mostly in Coachella Valley, just outside of Los Angeles. Not many in the business can match Far West’s 40-year record of zero loan defaults or failing to finish a community. The builder didn’t layoff a single employee during the recession.

Call that performance a home-building instinct. It’s a sixth sense that plays well in many ways. Take smart home technology, for example. From smart thermostats, smart door locks, and smart light switches, to offering a smart in-garage delivery solution, Far West is doubling down on the smart home experience, making these features standard with every Far West home. It’s how they stay a step ahead of other builders and reaffirm their stature as a home building leader.

Missing Packages

A recent technology addition takes direct aim at a hot topic with many home buyers: package delivery theft. Last year one in five consumers reported a stolen package.

The days of easy pickings will soon go away at least in Far West communities, thanks to Susan Mentzer and Melinda Day. The two oversee purchasing for Far West Industries. Working with management, they decide what products go in a Far West home, including smart home technology.

“I have a son that works for Alexa Mobile Application at Amazon,” Day explains. “I was at his new home and we were talking about this new feature. We went downstairs where he showed me Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery, and I discovered it is compatible with LiftMaster garage door openers.”

The $1.68 trillion Seattle company has tried various ways to beat porch delivery theft. All fell short until Key, a service enabled by the myQ Garage & Access Control app and LiftMaster garage door openers.

“I was so excited,” Day says, recalling how she felt when realizing all of the boxes the new package security system checks.

Brand Differentiator

Far West garages will soon be equipped with Key by Amazon-compatible LiftMaster garage door openers equipped with a Secure View video camera. Specially vetted Amazon delivery drivers will receive a temporary, one-time access through the myQ system. SecureView allows the homeowner to watch the delivery in real-time, and speak through the two-way speaker on the garage door opener, adding another layer of security.

The technology delights Mentzer and Day for several reasons:

  • Sales Differentiator. “Our sales team is very excited,” Mentzer says. “We really like to be in the lead on new technology. It gives homeowners the freedom to come and go and know their packages are delivered safe and secure.”
  • High-Value Technology. Who doesn’t want a valuable delivery protected from theft, damage, or the weather? In-garage delivery minimizes homeowner worry and concern.
  • Proven, Trusted. For many, the LiftMaster name is the de facto standard for garage door technology, especially with a myQ app that earns 4.8 stars (850,000+ reviews) on Apple. LiftMaster has also earned top marks in the BUILDER Brand Use Study for 10 years running, this year being named No. 1 for Brand Familiarity, Brand Used the Most, Brand Used the Most in Past Two Years, and Highest Overall Quality.

For Far West, providing a solution to a practical lifestyle concern with a trusted brand name like LiftMaster is a natural choice. Not only does Far West gain a leg up on competitors, but technology like the myQ Garage & Access Control app and Secure View video camera helps burnish their reputation as an innovator and technology leader.

Learn more how myQ and LiftMaster smart technology can help deliver more home buyer value and trust.