With the pace of smart home technology, it was only a matter of time before it became a standard option for home buyers. As builders start finding ways to work with technology manufacturers like they do with other building product manufacturers, more and more homes will have a standard smart home option.

Imagine you wake up, reach for your iPhone and tell Siri, “Good morning.”

Lights turn on, blinds roll up — all while you’re still in bed.

That’s the kind of experience residents of the developing Delano community in Eastwood Village in Irvine will enjoy when they start moving into their new townhomes at the end of June. Delano will be the first neighborhood in the nation to offer Apple’s smart home technology, called HomeKit, as standard features, homebuilder Brookfield Residential announced this week.

Residents will be able to control their front door lock, lighting and thermostat using Apple’s Home app on their iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. They can also just ask Siri to execute the tasks.

“Our industry has been doing the same thing for many many many years — arguably well — but it hasn’t made as many leaps into the future as it might ought to have done,” said Adrian Foley, chief operating officer of Brookfield’s California region. “I think this connected home opportunity is a great platform for us to leap forward into the future and really distance ourselves from the used home market looking forward.”

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