Netgear's Arlo Technologies has announced a new wireless security camera for outdoor and indoor use. The Arlo Ultra can record 4K resolution footage with high dynamic range, offers night vision in color and sports its own spotlight that floods the yard with light when movement is detected, says New Atlas writer Paul Ridden.

The Ultra is built around a new 4K image sensor, which gives users a clearer picture of security events around their home while also allowing them to zoom in to make a note of such things as license plate numbers on suspicious vehicles. The camera wirelessly connects to a SmartHub that's hooked up to the home Wi-Fi network, and takes care of sending recordings of triggered events to the user's cloud-based account. Footage can be stored locally too, thanks to the SmartHub's microSD card slot.

A weather-resistant design makes for set it and forget it indoor or outdoor installation using the included magnetic mount, and even the magnetic cable used to recharge the newly-designed battery has been weather-proofed. Arlo hasn't revealed how long the battery will last before needing juice from the mains though.

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