With current housing demand, technology will be a great way to create efficiencies in the process, producing faster results. This list of technologies shows that construction technology is available... now it's time to put it to good use.

1. DroneDeploy

DroneDeploy is a cloud-based drone mapping software that enables its customers to collect and analyze aerial data using any type of drone.

2. Kespry

Kespry is a provider of automated drone systems that allows companies to easily capture, view, analyze, and share aerial data.

3. Uplift Data Partners

Uplift’s drone pilot network and turnkey data service helps industry leaders capture and analyze aerial data to prevent rework, reduce waste, increase safety, and improve margins.

4. SiteAware

Previously known as Dronomy, SiteAware’s autonomous drones help construction companies build knowledge and obtain actionable data of their construction projects and job sites.

5. AeroVista Innovations

AeroVista is a UAV service company specializing in aerial media production services for construction mapping and BIM, infrastructure inspections, insurance assessments, and more. They also provide drone training.

6. Unearth Labs

Unearth’s collaboration software connects people, places, and plans (blueprints, specifications, spatial measures, and more) in real-time, allowing both the office and field to collaborate at the same time.

7. Hangar Technologies

Hangar’s data acquisition platform helps firms integrate aerial data into their operations, without having to handle owning, acquiring, flying, or editing the data from drones.

Tools and Equipment
8. 5D Robotics

5D Robotics’s hyper-positioning and autonomous navigation software can transform any existing vehicle into a smart and precise autonomous vehicle.

9. Apis Cor

Apis Cor builds complete buildings on-site within 24 hours using their proprietary construction 3D concrete printer.

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