Josh Rosenthal
Rosenthal Homes, Potomac, Md.

ThyssenKrupp Access
The Lev Home elevator from ThyssenKrupp Access fits well in a variety of homes, says Josh Rosenthal, director of marketing for Rosenthal Homes. “We have used it for everything from people with specific needs to a convenience item,” he says. The elevators keep clients from having to lug suitcases up and down stairs, and they are especially useful if the family has a lot of little kids.

Rosenthal finds other attributes that allow the elevator to fit into a luxury environment. “It has lots of safety features,” he says, “and, it's very quiet.” The product is also designed to eliminate the need for a separate machine room. Its interior is available in wood veneer and inset or raised panel wood.

ThyssenKrupp Access. 800.829.9760.

Rebecca Groskreutz
Quantum Building & Design, Frankfort, Ill.

Sea Gull Lighting
Not only does owner Rebecca Groskreutz use the General Electric Advantium oven in all of Quantum Building & Design's model homes, but 90 percent of her clients this year picked the product for their kitchens, she says. The speed-cook oven uses halogen light to boost cooking time and comes with 100 or more pre-programmed recipes. “It's a microwave and convection oven all in one,” she says. “It eliminates the need to buy a microwave, and it frees up cabinet space.”

Sea Gull Lighting's Hermitage fluorescent wall lantern also saves homeowners time, Groskreutz says. Instead of having to flip on the exterior lights at night, photocells in the lantern detect when it is dark outside and activate the lights. “It's awesome for our models,” she says. “I like when the outside light is on at night, but I don't like to leave them on all day.” Hermitage is Energy Star-compliant and features an antique bronze finish.

General Electric
General Electric. 800.626.2000.

Sea Gull Lighting. 800.347.5483.

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