Chip Vaughan of Vaughan & Sautter Builders dreads fixing leaks in stucco-clad walls, so he uses Keene’s Driwall rainscreen to keep water out. “Think of a scrubby you use to scrub pots with,” he says. “If you nailed that to your house and put a piece of siding over it, it would create an air gap, which is a key piece of the puzzle because that’s what lets moisture dry out.” The product prevents hydrostatic pressure from driving moisture through the wall, he says, leaving room for water to drain down and away.

Behind the rainscreen, Vaughan nails Super Jumbo Tex 60 Minute building paper from Fortifiber Building Systems for heavy waterproofing and breathability. The premier-grade paper costs more than standard tar paper but it’s worth it, he says. “If you ever had to fix a stucco house, it won’t take you long to realize it’s cheaper to overdo it in the beginning because if you have to fix it, it’s a very expensive proposition.” —Evelyn Royer

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