Homeowners are now turning their garages into fully functioning areas of the home. From work stations for a variety of hobbies to an area to store equipment for outdoor recreation activities and other pastimes, these products will outfit the space to meet owner demand.

Monkey Bar Storage
Monkey Bars offers an innovative shelving solution for the garage that puts stored items on an overhead rack to keep items off the floor and open up space. The Overhead Garage Storage systems come in an open corner and T-brace design--the open corners allow you to move things on and off the rack with ease while the T-brace and multi-truss mounting system ensure that the rack won't swing or sway. The racks come in a 750-pound capacity, ceiling mounted model, and a 1,000-pound capacity, ceiling and wall mounted model that fits in the top corner of the garage. Racks are available in Granite Grey, Desert Stone, and White.

Snap Lock Industries’s RaceDeck flooring is a modular garage flooring system that gives homeowners a more finished look in the space. The floor is moisture-resistant and slip-resistant when wet, and has a self-draining design for water management. The material can withstand heavy weights, and can support tool chests, four post lifts, other garage rolling equipment, and trucks, says the company, and won’t become damaged if the garage foundation concrete cracks. The system installs in a few hours and its interlocking technology requires no specific installation tools, glues, or coatings or epoxies, meaning there are no toxic fumes. Homeowners can choose from nine styles and fourteen colors, or create a custom floor.

Gladiator Garage Works
Gladiator Garage Works, a Whirlpool company, offers a new Step-to-Open Upright Freezer and All Refrigerator. The Step-to-Open foot pedal technology makes opening the appliance a hands-free move for easy access when hands are full. The refrigerator is specifically designed for storage with heavy-gauge shelving, extra-thick glass shelves, and solid metal shelves to support heavy loads of bulk food items and drinks. Even in extreme temperatures from 0˚F to 110˚F, the garage freezer keeps contents properly frozen, says Gladiator.

Flow Wall
Flow Wall’s Panel System allows homeowners to build a customized wall storage system with a series of hooks, shelves, and bins to meet their organizational needs. Flow Wall offers 48-and 24-square-foot wall panels in silver, white, and black that are affixed to the wall. From there, residents outfit the panels with a variety of accessories, including five sizes of cabinets, sport and heavy duty hooks, bike rack hooks, drill and tool holders, mounted work surfaces, heavy duty metal shelves in a variety of sizes, soft storage bins, and three sizes of hard storage bins in black and clear colors.

Four lines make up NewAge’s garage cabinet offerings—the Bold Series 3.0 for compact spaces, the commercial-grade Pro Series 3.0, the sleek and frameless Performance Series 2.0, and the heavy gauge steel Performance Plus Series 2.0 (pictured) for workspaces. Homeowners can choose from 80-inch tall, 24-inch deep locker models with adjustable shelves and closet rods, utility cabinets with workspaces, sinks, and other integrated features, or storage base and wall cabinets. All models are available in black, while some come in red, blue, grey, and textured finishes.

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