Hardwoods Distribution Inc. (HDI) has completed its two-year overhaul of its import plywood supply operations, which included transitioning away from Chinese suppliers and diversifying the supply origins of its Dragon Ply brand. As a result, according to the manufacturer, Dragon Ply is able to offer a broader spectrum of core options to customers.

To support this new program, HDI’s overseas offices are staffed with personnel educated in wood processing and quality control, who work to ensure the products’ quality and performance.

“Whether it be raw material procurement, production process management, quality control or logistics, we are more integrated in our supply chains than ever before. Our supply is more diversified in its origins as well as breadth of products from around the globe, importing decorative panels from more than a dozen countries,” says Dan Figgins, HDI’s vice president of imports.

The new Dragon Ply inventories are available at many HDI locations across the U.S. The brand continues to offer a full line of thick faced, machine composed fancy plywood, which can be customized to meet consumers’ requirements. www.hardwoods-inc.com