Durat's new Scandicolor Collection adds ten new color choices to its recycled solid surfacing.

The Scandicolor palette choices include a number of blue, green, and gray shades, as well as yellow and pink choices. Each color is inspired by colors and elements found in nature, as well as the minimalist tenets of Scandinavian culture and design. This follows a move in the surfacing industry toward biophilic design, which uses colors and textures found in nature to connect occupants to natural environments.

“Durat has deep roots in Scandinavian design and it only makes sense that they would curate their collection to launch Scandicolor,” says Jessica McNaughton, president of Durat distributor CaraGreen. “With Durat’s propensity toward natural elements and the way they casually complement wood tones, the Scandicolor collection is perfectly timed with the movement toward biophilic design.”

The Durat solid surfacing material is made from 30% recycled content, and offers high durability and easy maintenance, according to the manufacturer. The countertops are eligible for LEED credits, and a number of integrated sink options are available for prefabrication. caragreen.com