Cambria’s third new design launch of the year adds four new quartz surface designs—Notting Hill, Cashel, Hermitage and Clare—that combine warm base colors with bold, shimmering veins.

The new designs were inspired by the concept of momentum and forward-moving energy, according to the manufacturer. “Momentum can be a really energizing force that stirs us into action, allowing us to see things differently and venture down new paths, often arriving at beautiful places. The tonality in these designs is truly unique, and we can’t wait to see how they invigorate residential and commercial environments in totally new ways,” says Summer Kath, executive vie president of design.

Notting Hill features burgundy veins on a warm white canvas, creating a warm surface with a slight shimmer. Cashel expands into fractured burgundy elements with tan accents, while Hermitage incorporates delicate, heavily applied gold veins in varying shades. Clare leans into a modern design aesthetic, with bright white veins on a warm gray background.

All four designs are available in jumbo slab sizes, measuring 132 by 65.5 inches, with a choice of 2- or 3-centimeter thicknesses, Cambria Matte or high-gloss finishes, and 19 different edge profile treatments.