Trespa Pura NFC siding in Tropical Ipe.
Trespa Trespa Pura NFC siding in Tropical Ipe.

Trespa has added a new décor option to its Trespa Pura NFC siding line: Tropical Ipe, décor #PU30, available in a matte finish. The Tropical Ipe Décor is designed to emulate the appearance of untreated ipe hardwood, with even grain patterns and reddish-brown coloration, in a composite formulation that does not require the same level of maintenance as natural wood.

“Homeowners and facility owners alike prize dark hardwoods for their ability to bring warmth, distinction and luxury to the exterior,” says Michael Provenza, commercial vice president of Trespa North America. “The new Tropical Ipe décor makes it easier for architects and builders to fulfill their customers’ aesthetic desires, while being comforted in knowing that they are providing them with a product built to last.”

The Trespa Pura NFC composite is made from up to 70% natural fibers infused with thermosetting resins. Its closed surface is designed for UV stability and weather resistance, and does not need to be painted or lacquered. The material is easy to handle, cut, and install, even in a modern flush style, according to the manufacturer. The Tropical Ipe décor will be available in mid-August.

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