TAMKO Building Products is launching the Heritage Proline shingle series with two new products, Titan XT and StormFighter IR, that feature a combination of product features and technologies designed to meet consumer preferences and demands.

Both shingle series feature a proprietary poly-fabric reinforcement applied to the back—through the common bond on the Titan XT shingle and across the entire backside of the StormFighter IR shingle. This provides an extra layer of wind and impact protection and an anchor for nails to embed in the expanded nailing zone, which measures up to five times larger than the nailing zone on classic Heritage shingles. An extra asphalt weathering layer provides additional protection at the top of the shingle and an extended series of Advanced Fusion sealants are designed to quickly fuse the shingles to the roof deck.

The StormFighter IR shingle’s extra reinforcement layer qualifies the product for a UL 2218 Class 4 Impact Rating. “StormFighter IR shingles were designed to provide the most sought-after benefits of a Class 4 shingle to both contractors and homeowners,” says TAMKO vice president of sales and marketing Stephen McNally. “With StormFighter IR, contractors can experience fast and easy installation, while homeowners can feel confident in what this shingle will add to their homes through enhanced product features and the best impact rated asphalt shingle wind warranty in the roofing industry.”

Both products are covered under TAMKO’s WindGuard warranty in winds of up to 160 mph with as few as four nails installed in the expanded nailing zone. tamko.com

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