Aged Clay Featuring color variations that resemble heavy staining and lichen growths, Wessex Ashdowne shingle-style clay roofing tile is designed for a 100-year-old appearance. Complementary fittings include Arris and Bonnet style hips, valley tiles, and hogs-back ridge tiles. Northern Roof Tiles. 888.678.6886.

Slate Ridge Designed to provide ventilation for slate roofs, the Hinged Ridge Vent System can accommodate low- and steep-slope roof pitches. Two lengths of plywood, hinged at their long edges for a nailable surface, create the ridge vent. Evergreen Slate Co. 866.872.7528.

Universal Flashing The Wakaflex flashing solution is engineered for versatility in defending against leaks at roof intersections. The product's malleability provides a tight seal around pitch transitions, along valleys, hip or ridge junctures, and other complex roof details, the manufacturer says. Monier Lifetile. 800.571.8453.

Certainteed Earthy Colors The Landmark Premium line of high-definition asphalt shingles now comes in colors that are deeper, more vibrant, and higher in contrast, according to the manufacturer. The palette of earth tones includes aged bark, country gray, black onyx, mountain spruce, and graphite. Certainteed. 800.233.8990.

Shapely Shingles Lamarite Slate composite shingles, manufactured from a lightweight material, are now available in 12-inch-wide scallop shapes. The Class A fire-resistant, Class 4 impact-resistant shingles come in slate green, dusk gray, mulberry, and midnight black. Tamko Building Products. 800.641.4691.