LP Building Solutions is adding two new products to the SmartSide trim and siding portfolio launched earlier this year—LP SmartSide Smooth Finish Panel Siding and LP SmartSide Outside Corner Trim—as well as a new concrete shaping product, the LP ArchForm Concrete Edge Form.

The Smooth Finish Panel Siding is made using engineered wood strand technology and treated to protect against fungal decay and termites. The no-groove square edge accommodates a variety of exteriors, including historic and modern, and is designed for easy use in channel applications. The panels are made to hold up against 200 mph wind gusts, as well as moisture, hail, and freeze/thaw cycles. The product is available pre-primed for painting.

The Outside Corner Trim provides a clean finish on exterior trims and eliminates the need to build corners on-site during construction. The product is designed to resist water intrusion or seam separation, and offers a cedar wood grain aesthetic pre-primed for painting.

The ArchForm Concrete Edge Form is designed for use in flatwork concrete forming applications. The lightweight, flexible engineered wood strand form is available in 5/16 category thickness and 16-foot lengths, and includes a resin-saturated overlay to resist moisture intrusion. It is flexible to fit formed concrete projects like driveways, patios, and pool decks. lpcorp.com